• Course Name : Foundations of Educational Technology

    Course Duration : 5 weeks ([New] Start Date: February 17, 2018 | [New] End Date: March 17, 2018)

    Course Fee : FREE (a CHED-Continuing Professional Education Training Grant)

    Enrollment : OPEN TO ALL TEACHERS


    Participants must:

    1. have basic knowledge in ICT or at least know how to operate (open/save/close) a computer and browse the internet;

    2. have access to a computer installed with the following software: Media (Video) Player, MS PowerPoint, and PDF Reader .

    3. have access to the Internet at least twice a week for a minimum of one (1) hour per access;

    4. have an email account; and

    5. have a Facebook account.

    Learning Outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:

    1. deepen their understanding of ICT in education;

    2. distinguish the different kinds of educational technology;

    3. identify educational tools according to the theories, principles, and practices of learning, and associate these theories to the available technology; and

    4. explain the teaching and learning frameworks for integrating ICT into the curriculum.

    Outline & Speakers:

    Week 1: What is ICT? Its Context in Education (Dave E. Marcial - Dean, College of Computer Studies, Silliman University)

    Week 2: Evaluation of Educational Technology & Its Current Application (Anthea V. Mariano - Senior Lecturer 2, Faculty of Management and Development Studies, UP Open University)

    Week 3: The Synergy of Technology with the Basic Learning Theories (Janice Antoniette V. Forster - Chairperson, IT Department, College of Computer Studies, Silliman University)

    Week 4: Teaching & Learning Framework for Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (Anna Cherylle Kelsey M. Ramos - Director, Educational Technology Center, University of Sto. Tomas)

    Week 5: Final Exam

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    Course Format

    This course is a free and open full-online course that will be delivered through the Silliman Online University Learning (www.cms.su.edu.ph). This is asynchronous learning. There will be weekly lectures, discussions, assignments, and a final exam. Speakers and facilitators will be online at least two (2) periods with a minimum of one hour for real-time chatting, answering questions, and discussion. The class will consist of lecture in the video, .PDF and MS PowerPoint formats. No materials from outside the course will be required. The assignments will typically be available on Saturday and close the Saturday of the following week. All assignments will be Multiple Choice, True/False and Short Answer with a maximum of 20 questions. Additionally, a Facebook Group will be used for bulletins and announcements.

    Certificate of Participation and Completion

    Four (4) homework assignments are worth 100 points each. The assignment will be counted toward 70% of the grade. The final exam counts for 30% of the final grade. A certificate of completion (signed by the lead facilitator) will be issued to those achieving 80%+ of the total points possible. A certificate of participation will be issued if the following requirements are met: 1) below 80% score but higher than 0; and 2) participated in at least two weekly discussions.

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