• This course deals with the study of the different programming techniques, methodologies, principles, approaches; its tools and solutions in solving research computing problems. Topics include understanding formal theory and techniques and models for understanding programs, programming languages and its abstractions, and development of related implementation technology solutions.

  • This course provides students the tools and skills to examine some issues in Philippine education as basis for formulating researchable problems which they can further pursue their dissertation work. The theoretical foundations and practical significance, as well as the steps in the conduct of problem analysis which covers collection, summary, and use of information to verify or reject initial hypotheses, are discussed and applied to actual problems in education identified by students that they translate into research problems for empirical investigation.

  • This course demonstrates projects and research concepts in computing and information systems. It covers the concepts of research, choosing a research project and writing a proposal, research project planning and risk management, literature searching and reviews, software development methods, controlling research projects, presenting research projects and its final consideration.

  • This course provides an overview of the different concepts and theories in managing and administering Information Systems organization. It also covers review topics on information technology and organizations, information technology and individuals, information technology and information security, information technology within the organization, business process engineering and information technology between organizations.

    Basic concepts are introduced, including the systems point of view and organization, information flows, and the nature of information systems. The major emphasis will be on learning the basic principles in IS organization, role of managers, leadership and managerial skills, and others major aspects involved in managing effectively a competitive Information Systems organization.