• The Physical Therapy Internship Training Program is the final and the most advanced phase in the series of clinical experiences prior to graduation and conferment of the title, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapy Internship Training Program is a ten-month, rotating type of service training program which provides a comprehensive learning environment for the intern to apply and further develop his/her theoretical and practical knowledge and environment.
  • This course
    introduces the students with the various medical, surgical, orthopedic, and
    geriatric conditions commonly encountered in physical therapy.  The course emphasizes the physical therapy
    of these conditions. 
    Roles of the other rehabilitation workers are also discussed.

  • This
    course familiarizes the student with the theories, concepts, elements, and principles
    of community-based rehabilitation in the Philippine setting.  The roles of Physical Therapists in the
    community, with emphasis on home health care and CBR programs, and other
    non-clinical settings, and translation of skills to community-based practice
    will be emphasized.  Visitation to
    Community-Based Rehabilitation Centers included.


  • This course is an
    introduction to physical therapy terms and basic principles. It includes
    definition of terms like physical therapy, physical therapist, rehabilitation
    medicine team and other terms related to physical therapy. It also includes
    basic principles of the modalities used in physical therapy and the
    introduction of starting positions, derived positions, basic exercises and the
    accepted abbreviations important for physical therapy documentation.